Fit-For-Future Facilities: Application Advice

On 25th October 2023, the Cymru Football Foundation’s Fit-For-Future Facilities Fund will open for grassroots football clubs, local authorities, and charitable organisations to apply for large grants of up to £300k to support projects that will benefit communities across Wales.

The programme provides grants to successful applicants for a range of different criteria including, but not limited to:

  • New or upgraded grass pitches
  • LED Floodlights for artificial grass pitches
  • New or upgrades to existing changing rooms or clubhouses
  • Small-sided or full-size artificial grass pitches

The CFF have provided some key bits of advice for applicants to carefully consider when submitting:


  • Read the CFF’s Fit-For-Future Facilities guidance document
  • If applying for an artificial pitch or changing room project, read the CFF’s guidance documents
  • Be clear and concise in detailing the impact outcomes of your project
  • Carefully consider your supporting evidence – this is an integral piece of successful applications
  • Ensure your project aligns with one of the CFF’s impact priorities e.g. doubling the number of women and girls through inspirational fit-for-future facilities
  • Be considerate of FAW strategies e.g. Clwb Cymru, PAWB, Environments: For Her
  • Ensure contractor timelines are realistic in relation to CFF grant decision periods
  • Ensure your project is well thought out and that the club/organisation can facilitate the desired outcomes with post-project management plans
  • Ensure the project meets the needs of club and wider community – ensuring this is in line with Club Development plans


  • Rush your application
  • Submit an incomplete application
  • Suggest the project will benefit other organisations without evidence of consultation with those organisations
  • Be vague with outcomes e.g. “a long-term aim is to introduce a female pathway”, instead be specific and measurable e.g. “the club will introduce an U7 & U8 female team 24/25 season, and introduce two new age groups in 25/26 and 26/27 seasons.”
  • Work on the application alone – allocate and seek advice from staff at your club or organisation


  • For grass pitch projects
    • No PQS is needed prior to submission as a feasibility study will be commissioned as part of a two-stage grant process if the initial application is supported.
  • Set a realistic budget – base designs around a simple, functional, easy-to-manage facility.
  • If applying via paper version, ensure all documents are accessible electronically and stored securely

Early applications are encouraged, and independent decision-making panels will take place during and following the application window that closes on 31st March 2024.