FAW and CFF launch Facilities Vision for Wales

The Football Association of Wales and Cymru Football Foundation are delighted to launch our Facility Vision – detailing our mission to address the current issues facing the standard of grassroots football facilities across Wales.

Football is the largest participation team sport in Wales with the greatest demand – delivering over £550 million social, economic and health benefits – but also suffers from the biggest facility shortfall and poorest quality facilities.

Currently across Wales:

  • Only 21% of pitches are rated at a “good” standard.
  • Only 23% of changing facilities are rated at a “good” standard.
  • 54% claim that artificial pitches are difficult to access.

This new vision outlines our plans to:

  • Bring facilities across Wales at all levels into the present day.
  • Set out the need for continued investment to address our facility challenges.
  • Inform the use of resources to deliver our vision.

The vision will achieve:

  • Improved playing, volunteer, and spectator experiences – we want to make sure that everyone across Wales can access high-quality facilities all year round.
  • Over £100m in enhanced health, education, and economic benefits to communities across the country.
  • Futureproofing our facilities to become more environmentally sustainable.
  • Better facilities to meet fast-growing needs of the female game.
  • World-leading national facilities that support the development of international players.

The Cymru Football Foundation is already working towards this new vision, already investing over £9 million to create inspirational, fit-for-future facilities across Wales.

Investments are already making a positive impact:

  • Usage of CFF-funded facilities is up by 77%
  • 98% of people’s experiences using their facilities have improved and 96% now feel a stronger connection with their community.
  • £3 million invested into the 30% most deprived communities across Wales.
  • Over £2 million invested into facilities directly benefitting women and girl’s teams.

“We know that facilities in Wales are not where they need to be, and this vision gives us a clear plan to bring facilities across Wales at all levels into the present day.

“We want to be able to invest at least £10 million a year into improving facilities in communities across Wales to bring them up to standard. This investment will continue to support the work that the Cymru Football Foundation is already doing and allow us to grow football in Wales on and off the pitch.”

Noel Mooney, FAW Chief Executive

You can read the FAW’s Facility Vision here.