JD Cymru Leagues rule changes ahead of 2024/25 season

The FAW National Leagues Board recently approved a number of rule changes in the JD Cymru Leagues ahead of the 2024/25 season. These include: 

Player Lists

In the JD Cymru Premier, ‘List A’ and ‘List B’ have been replaced by one 25-player squad list that clubs are responsible for submitting. All players on this squad list must be on a professional contract. 

Any player between the age of 16-19 will be eligible for selection in addition to the 25-player squad list. These players do not need to be on a professional contract. 

Ineligible Players

In the JD Cymru Premier, JD Cymru North and JD Cymru South, the maximum number of points that a club may be charged with in an individual case of fielding an ineligible player is 18 points. 

The Rules have also been amended to provide the Board with the ability to suspend a points deduction in a limited set of circumstances, relating to breaches of FAW Rule 85(C), Cymru Premier Rule 12.4 and 13.3. 

European Qualification

Due to the JD Cymru Premier having its allocated number of UEFA qualification spots decrease from four to three for the 2024/25, the rules around European qualification were amended. Read more on this here. 

Scheduling of matches

In the JD Cymru Premier, weekday (Monday to Friday) evening matches can now be played between clubs 125 miles apart – an increase from the previous limit of 100 miles.  

This enables an additional 18 fixtures to be played on Friday nights, in line with the objective outlined in the Cymru Premier strategy. 

Team Sheets

In the JD Cymru Premier, JD Cymru North and JD Cymru South, the deadline for submission of team sheets for non-live matches will now be 60 minutes, reduced from 75 minutes. The deadline for live games remains 90 minutes.  

Live matches are those transmitted on terrestrial or digital television. 

Medical Cover

A new rule has been added in the JD Cymru Premier to outline that each club must have a Chartered Physiotherapist or Sports Therapist, in line with Tier 1 Licensing Regulations, at all fixtures. 

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