RTB Ebbw Vale

RTB Ebbw Vale were seeking support from the Cymru Football Foundation’s Sustainability Fund following a substantial rise in their energy costs.

Our Sustainability Fund allowed the club to receive a grant of just over £16,000 to install solar panels on the roof of the changing facilities that will lead to reduced energy bills and in turn, reduce the club’s carbon energy footprint. The club have also committed to re-investing any energy-saving costs back into their facilities.

“We’ve seen a massive reduction in our electric bills since the installation of the solar panels, but the biggest reduction is in our carbon footprint. Since the solar panels were installed, we’ve saved over 1000kg of CO2 emissions which is a great start to achieving our goal as a Net-Zero club.

A huge thank you to the CFF for their support and guidance on this project – we look forward to working together again in the future.”

Grant Matthews, Chairman, RTB Ebbw Vale

Funded by Sport Wales – the CFF’s Sustainability Fund ties into the FAW’s overall Sustainability Strategy, to further reduce the country’s carbon footprint and reduce energy costs.

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