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Splat the Fish

Catching Fish

In the Net!

Sea Life Obstacle Fun

Splat the Fish

This session we are going to visit the Fisherman’s Quay and for the warm up we are going to play splat the fish!

This game involves placing lots of markers on the floor – you can use tea towels, placemats or any flat household item and pretend these are the fish. Move around the space in a range of ways whilst splatting the fish.

You could add in a ball and splat the fish using the ball either by rolling the ball over the spots with hands or feet.

Catching Fish

Set-up the space with small circles which are the fishing pools. These can be hoops or made from string or dressing gown chords and set up spaced out from each-other in your garden, living space or at the park.

Within each circle place a balloon or ball and pretend these are the fish inside the pools. Throw up the fish into the air as if they are jumping out the water and your child has to try and catch them and then put them back into the pool.

Encourage your child to keep their eyes on the ball. Use a balloon or a scarf which allows more time for them to track the object with their eyes before catching.

Download a PDF to help you teach your child to catch a ball here.

In the Net!

This game is for you and your child to practice shooting. You can use a net if you have one, or a bed sheet hung up / between two chairs.

Start by positioning the target straight ahead and begin kicking from stationary, before progressing to include a run up.

Encourage foot placement next to the ball and for them to keep their eyes on the ball. You can alter the distances to target and size of target, or they could start at an angle.

Download a PDF to help you teach your child to kick a ball here.

Sea Life Obstacle Fun

Let’s get creative and make a sea life themed obstacle course. Use lots of items from around the house and include lots of challenges such as crawling under a chair, balancing on a line, weaving in between plant pots or climbing over a bench.

Try to add some skills using equipment too – maybe one section involves catching fish or shooting the football.

Change layout of course to encourage your child to travel in different pathways and in different ways.

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