Temporary Dismissals

Temporary Dismissals


Temporary Dismissals, commonly known as ‘Sin Bins’, will be introduced to grassroots senior and youth football throughout Wales from the beginning of the 2024/2025 Season.

The decision to implement Temporary Dismissals was unanimously approved by the Football Association of Wales’s Community Game Board following a successful trial in six Grassroots football competitions throughout Wales this season.

The trial saw the frequency of Dissent cautions for players reduce by 34% compared to the previous season, while instances of Red Cards for Offensive, Insulting or Abusive language also reduced by 32%.

The Community Game Board, which is formed of representatives of Wales’s six Area Associations, also considered the results of a survey of Clubs and Match Officials involved in the Trial which signalled overall support for Temporary Dismissals.


Where will Temporary Dismissals be in operation in the 2024/2025 Season?

Temporary Dismissals will be in operation in grassroots men’s and women’s football from the start of the 2024/2025 Season. Grassroots youth football (U18-U19) will also include Temporary Dismissals.

National league competitions such as the Cymru Leagues, Adran Leagues and Ardal Leagues will not include Temporary Dismissals. National cup competitions like the JD Welsh Cup, Bute Energy Welsh Cup and Dragon Signs Amateur Trophy will not include Temporary Dismissals either.

Junior grassroots football will generally not include Temporary Dismissals, although leagues do have the option to trial them.


How do Temporary Dismissals Work?

A Temporary Dismissal will be issued by the Referee when an on-pitch player commits an offence of Dissent.

The referee will indicate a Temporary Dismissal by showing a Yellow Card and signaling with two hands towards the touchline.

The temporarily dismissed player must leave the pitch for a minimum of 10 minutes of playing time in a 90 minute match.

The temporary dismissal period begins when play restarts after the player has left the field of play.

The referee should extend the temporary dismissal period for any time ‘lost’ for stoppages.

Once the temporary dismissal period has been completed, the player is only eligible to return to the field of play when the ball is next out of play.

The player must wait for a signal from the referee and must return at the halfway line.

If a player who has already received a temporary dismissal receives another caution for any reason they will be shown a second yellow card and sent off from the game.

If a player who has already received a caution or a temporary dismissal commits a dissent offence they will receive a second caution and be sent off from the game.

Temporary dismissals will accumulate towards suspensions and administrative charges in the same way as any other caution. Players who are unused substitutes or have already been substituted will receive a caution for a Dissent offence but not a temporary dismissal. Members of technical staff such as Coaches cannot receive a temporary dismissal and will therefore receive a Caution (Yellow Card) if they commit a Dissent offence.

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