UEFA Pro Licence


The UEFA Professional Licence is a mandatory qualification for coaches to work in national leagues within Europe.

The aim of the course is to provide aspiring coaches with the necessary training, support and guidance to succeed at the very highest level in football.

The course is delivered by FAW Technical Director Osian Roberts.


Essential (candidates need)

  • UEFA ‘A’ Licence (12 months minimum)
  • At least one year’s active coaching experience as a UEFA ‘A’ Licence holder (Evidence of this must be provided)

Desirable (candidates should)

  • Have been educated through the FAW Coach Education Programme
  • Be working in Wales at national league level, professional level, or with a national team
  • Be resident in Wales
  • Have been born in Wales or have Welsh heritage
  • Have played at national league level or above

Minimum of three years’ experience in one of the following roles

  • A head coach at national league level
  • A first team coach in the professional game (daily contact with players)
  • A coach of a national team
  • A level four accredited UEFA Coach Educator
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UEFA Pro License

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry looks back at his FAW coaching journey.

“The Pro Licence course has had a massive impact on me as a coach. It put me out of my comfort zone and was very challenging but, within the rules, the FAW let me fly and express myself.

The main thing this course has taught me is that ultimately, I’m going to be the manager that I want to be, not a clone of somebody else.

Everybody on the course has different ideas and it’s good to open your mind to different cultures and views. I learned alongside some Welsh Premier League managers who operate in a different world to the one that I know.

I have learned a lot about the different ways they’ve tried to break the dominance of TNS. I also learned a lot from the likes Mikel Arteta, who sits on the bench next to Pep Guardiola. At the end of the day, we all shared the same passion and desire for the game and wanting to learn more about it.”

Thierry Henry, UEFA Pro Licence Graduate

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