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Swamp Weave

Ogre Throw

Clumsy Ogre

Ogre's Obstacles

Swamp Weave

This session we are going to visit the friendly ogre in his swamp. Pretend that the ogre has stolen some shoes and randomly place these around the space.

For the warm-up, move around the swap in lots of different ways. Weave in and out of some shoes, move on your hands and knees or feet, jump and hop around the swamp, climb over imaginary rocks.

Then when you call out a body part, touch a shoe with that body part.

Ogre Throw

This game involves practicing underarm throwing and you can use a bean bag, or some rolled up socks. Make lots of circle targets using cones, hoops, dressing-gown chords.

The aim is to throw (underarm) the sock ball or bean bag into the circles. Each time it lands in the circle you get a point.

Encourage the object to be thrown in an arc and start off close to the target then make the challenge harder by standing further away. Try to step the opposite foot forward as you throw – this helps send messages across the mid-brain and to both sides of the body.

Download a PDF to help you teach your child to throw a ball here.

Clumsy Ogre

Equipment needed: Shoes – welly boots if you have them? Football, deflated ball or square ball for the 2 year old

Using a mini football or any ball that you have, take the ball around the swamp using your feet with lots of small touches on the ball. When the parent calls “Clumsy Ogre” the children can try to knock over shoes or cones whilst the parent stands them up again!          

Take turns who is the clumsy ogre and repeat the dribbling before another round.

Download a PDF to help you teach your child to kick a ball here.

Ogre’s Obstacles

This is where you and your children can get creative! Use lots of items from around the house for your obstacle course. This could be crawling under a chair, walking on cushions or climbing over a bench.

You can even add some skills to different parts of the obstacle course. Maybe one section includes the clumsy ogre challenges or balancing objects.

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