Integrity Reporting

Protecting the integrity of football depends on everyone playing their part, whether on centre stage or behind the scenes. The Football Association of Wales (FAW) work closely with UEFA Integrity Unit to achieve our objective of a clean and equal game.

Help us protect players and the integrity of football. Every time someone comes forward with information about breaches of the FAW Integrity rules, we move closer to a clean and fair playing field for all. We know that coming forward with sensitive information is a big decision – one that you would not take lightly. We applaud the courage required to raise concerns about doping.  You have chosen to put your trust in us, and we take that very seriously.

Please give as much information as possible on the form below. Everything you share will be investigated and might be passed on to UEFA or Police authorities.

At the bottom of this form, you can opt-in to enable us to keep in contact with you, whilst you remain completely anonymous. This enables us to ask further questions about the information you have provided. Your information could be vital and may make a real difference. Whether you decide to remain anonymous or provide us with your contact information, everything you tell us is strictly confidential.

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