Diolch Chris Gunter

Chris Gunter has announced his retirement from international football, and has shared the following statement:

“I’ve had the privilege of representing our great country for 15 years, and it’s given me some of the best times of my career and my life.

To all of the managers I’ve played under, and all of the staff who have helped me in many different ways, I have so much appreciation for you and need to say a huge thank you. 

I’ve always said when you can share moments with not just team mates but friends it’s even more special, and I’ve been so lucky to share the dressing room with people who are real mates for life. 

From a young kid growing up in Wales the dream was to always play and wear that red shirt. What not even I dreamt of was the memories and experiences it has given me and my family.

Which has been made possible by you lot, the fans. I’ve tried to tell you many times how much you’ve helped, although it’s hard to find the words to articulate. So I’ll just say the biggest thank you, and see you soon. 

We’re in a great place with this staff and squad, with loads to look forward to.”


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