Ein Wal Goch. Where everyone belongs. 

The Football Association of Wales is committed to ensuring football is for everyone, where everyone can feel respected and supported across the game in Wales. 

In the spirit of unity and respect, it is essential to reaffirm our commitment to fostering a safe and welcoming environment that ensures football is for all Cymru supporters. 

As passionate members of the Welsh football community, together, we must stand against harassment, discrimination and abuse. 

Discrimination has no place in football. Whether it’s based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or any other characteristic – discrimination undermines the values of family, respect and excellence that the FAW uphold. 

If supporters experience or witness any form of anti-social behaviour, abuse or discrimination inside the stadium you can help us to eliminate it and react immediately by reporting this via the QR code published across the Cardiff City stadium and on the back of stadium seats. 

Please complete the online form via the QR code or by texting ‘ISSUE’ to confirm details of the incident to 07484 070 422.

Following the match, you can also report any incidents by emailing ReportIT@faw.cymru or visiting faw.cymru/advice/reportit/. Please provide as much detail of any offence as possible. This may include specific seat details if applicable, descriptions of persons involved, and exact words and phrases wherever possible.

Together, across the Red Wall we can take positive action to ensure abusive behaviour and discrimination is eliminated. 

Together, we can continue to create a culture of belonging where everyone feels safe, heard, and appreciated.

Learn more or how you can join a Cymru supporters’ group: 

Fan Embassy Wales

FSA Cymru Contact: ppaul69@aol.com

Wal Goch y Menywod

Wal Goch y Menywod Contact: wgym@mailfence.com

Amar Cymru

Amar Cymru Contact: jalalgoni1989@hotmail.co.uk

The Rainbow Wall

The Rainbow Wall Contact: rainbowwallcymru@gmail.com

Disabled Supporters Association Cymru

Disabled Supporters Association Cymru Contact: kjcomputers@ntlworld.com

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