Football v Transphobia Week of Action

The annual Football v Transphobia week of action takes place between the 24-31 March, ending on Transgender Day of Visibility.

As this year’s Football v Transphobia week of action begins, it’s an important time to reflect on the past year of experiences for the Trans and Non-Binary Communities.

Transphobia hate crimes across Wales and England have risen by 56% since 2021 and continue to be on the rise. The number of offences that were recorded by police in 2021-22 was 155,841, the biggest jump since 2016.

We know that Football can create positive change in society and so during the week of action we want to highlight the steps our football family in Wales can take to help our Trans community in the game. If you represent a club you can read the FAW Policy on Trans People in Football here and find out how it applies to the football you deliver.

The FAW welcomes trans people to play, support, and feel included in Football in Wales and encourages Trans Cymru fans to contact The Rainbow Wall or Wal Goch y Menywod if they are interested in attending the game with other LGBTQ+ people and allies.

You can learn more about the Football V Transphobia campaign here: Football V Transphobia

As an individual, you can join the FAW and make a statement of allyship for trans people using the hashtag #TransFootyAlly on social media.

Please remember football is for everyone. Mae pêl-droed yn gêm i bawb.

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