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Environments: For Her

The Football Association of Wales have published ‘Environments: For Her’, a player led resource pack which outlines barriers and solutions to pave the way for the future of the female game in Wales.

In October 2021, the FAW launched ‘Our Wales: For Her | Ein Cymru: Amdani Hi, the women and girls’ 2021-26 strategy. Here the FAW details its mission to create the best environment, support structures and opportunities to accelerate the growth of women and girls’ football for it to reach its full potential.

To achieve this, the FAW knows it must listen to and understand the lived experiences of all female participants and create inclusive and positive spaces where women and girls can feel confident to be their best self.  That is why the FAW spent the last six months consulting with women and girls from across the country to develop the ‘Environments: For Her’ resource pack to support clubs, schools, coaches, parents and facility providers with key hints, tips and methods to ensure every female across Wales can play football without fear, in a positive, inclusive environment.

The FAW were recently joined by members of the football family including colleagues from FIFA, Welsh Government, Local Authorities and representatives from Her Game Too for a presentation on the principles of the resource pack. A recording of ‘Environments for Her – An Introduction | Cyflwyniad’ can be viewed in full on the FA Wales YouTube here: bit.ly/EnvIntro

Facilities is a key focus area within ‘Environments: For Her’ and the FAW’s Head of Women’s and Girls’ Football, Lowri Roberts recently spoke at the opening of ‘Amdani Hi @ Ocean Way’ in Cardiff about the importance of the learnings from the consultations in developing the resource pack & what the FAW hopes to see from facility providers.

FAW Trust Girls Participation and Engagement Manager, Bethan Woolley said: “‘Amdani Hi @ Ocean Way’ is a brand new 3G facility where the female game is prioritised, and on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday’s the facility is almost exclusively used by women and girls. The new branding was recently revealed at as the facility opened its doors to our newest Huddle Centre and the facility users got to see the empowering and inspiring imagery and branding for the first time.”

FAW’s Head of Women’s and Girls’ Football, Lowri Roberts added: “Fear of judgement and low confidence was highlighted as one of the biggest barriers to female participation, so to have a site where the female game is prioritised and is female only on set nights builds confidence and creates an incredible buzz here on those evenings.

“For example, you have Huddle playing before some of our junior grassroots teams, and young girls have access to our youth internationals and stars of the Genero Adran Leagues with Cardiff City FC training at the site. It’s also home to the Cardiff Casual League where some of our participants have started playing the game for the first time at age 40.”

Across July and August, the FAW will be delivering a number of ‘Creating Your Environment: For Her Workshops’ which will provide an opportunity for representatives across the game to gain further understanding of how to maximise female participation within their environment through providing the correct and appropriate opportunities for all.

Please do visit the FAW’s PAWB Eventbrite if you would like to attend the free workshops at: bit.ly/PAWBEdu

View the ‘Environments: For Her’ resource pack: bit.ly/EnvironForHer

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