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Your Guide to Using the Cymru Tickets App

Here’s your guide to using the Cymru Tickets App. 

If you’re going to a Cymru home match, you’ll need to download and use the Cymru Tickets app to get in, unless you’ve specifically requested and paid to receive paper tickets.

The FAW have introduced the Cymru Tickets App for two key reasons.

  1. To improve the matchday experience for fans 
  2. To make our matches more sustainable

The Process

If you’ve already bought tickets, they will be sent out in the next seven days. Follow this three-step guide now to make the process as simple as possible…

1) Download the Cymru Tickets App

If you haven’t already, please download Cymru Tickets app onto your mobile, but please read this guide in-full before doing so. 

Click here if you use the App Store

Click here if you use Google Play

2) Ensure Your Details are Correct

When creating your Cymru Tickets App account, ENSURE THE MOBILE NUMBER YOU ENTER IS THE SAME  as the one linked to your FAW ticketing account

Be careful with this step because if the numbers are different, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS YOUR TICKETS. 

3) Access and Transfer your Tickets

All digital tickets you have purchased for the match will appear on your app as soon as they’ve been sent out by the FAW ticketing team. 

Your ticket’s QR code will become active 48 hours before the match. 

Important: Please do not attempt to screenshot your tickets. You could be denied entry to the stadium if a screenshot of your tickets has been taken.

To transfer tickets to those who you’ve bought them for, please use the app’s transfer function.

Download This Guide

If you need it, click here to download a PDF guide to using the Cymru Tickets app

If you still haven’t bought your tickets yet, click here

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