Independent Arbitration Decision: FAW v Pontypridd United

An investigation by the Football Association of Wales into the contractual status of players at Pontypridd United was undertaken following complaints made by players of alleged breaches of their professional contracts. The investigation led to disciplinary charges being issued to the Club for the alleged breach of FAW Rules and Regulations. 

The matter was referred to an independent arbitration panel, appointed by Sport Resolutions. Led by an appointed KC, the independent arbitration panel recently heard the case and has provided its decision to both parties. 

In total, the FAW issued 18 (eighteen) charges against Pontypridd United under FAW Rules 38.1.1 and 38.1.2, for the alleged breach of the following Rules and/or Regulations:

  • FAW Rule 67; 71.1; 72(A)(i)
  • FAW Comet Regulation 7.2
  • Cymru Premier Rule 14.1
  • Cymru Premier League Cup Rule 15

The charges relate to alleged offences that occurred during the 2022/23 and 2023/24 playing seasons and include: 

  • The non-payment of monies owed to player(s).
  • Failure to comply with their contractual obligations towards player(s).
  • Failure to register player(s) correctly in accordance with FAW Rules and Regulations.
  • The playing of ineligible player(s). 

Pontypridd United denied all 18 charges against them.

The decision summary of the independent arbitration panel is as follows: 

  • All 18 charges against Pontypridd United were found proven.
  • A total deduction of 141 points was ordered with an immediate 6-point deduction to be imposed on Pontypridd United for the 2023/24 season. The remaining 135 points are to be suspended from the date of the decision until the end of the 2024/25 season. The points deduction will be imposed should Pontypridd United be proved to have fielded an ineligible player(s) during that time. 
  • Pontypridd United received a ban on registering new players for two registration periods, suspended from the date of the decision until two registration periods following the date of the decision. 
  • Pontypridd United are permitted to continue participating in the Nathaniel MG Cup. 

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