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The FAW’s 2021-2026 strategic plan for Welsh football, Our Wales, defines our vision to create a leading football nation:  from park football to the world stage, we aspire to a global, local Cymru. A land where the game is inclusive, accessible, and successful.

It is an ambitious plan that stems from our mission to develop, promote, and care for football in Cymru and beyond. As one of the oldest football associations in the world, we feel responsible for enriching people’s lives and empowering them to dare big and dream even bigger.

With sustainability at its core, Our Wales defines the six strategic pillars to build a sustainable association for the future.

However, it is not just a stand-alone pillar; sustainability is the foundation that grounds and underpins everything we do.

Our commitment is to work together for a better tomorrow. We need to understand our cultural, social, economic and environmental impact as an organisation, and take steps to minimise the negative footprint of the game. The sustainability principle must be integrated into the very heart of football, pushing forwards to create more sustainable yet stronger clubs, leagues and initiatives.

Our commitment is to become a progressive organisation that advocates for global and local issues impacting our game and communities. We believe our sustainability strategy will enable us to deliver this commitment.

We know the power of football. We have witnessed how individual and local action compound to create something huge: combined together, they can lead to global impact.

One brick at a time, we build a red wall.

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