Affiliate Partnership

Affiliate Partnership


The Football Association of Wales (FAW) offers Affiliate Partnership to organisations interested in supporting and contributing to the development and growth of football in Wales. 

Affiliate Partners will have the opportunity to work in partnership with the FAW, accessing specialised services and initiatives and through collaboration, increase participation opportunities and raise awareness of new and flexible formats of the game.

Football Association of Wales Deliverables

The FAW Affiliate Partnership Scheme will serve to foster growth and development of grassroots football, community engagement and organisational support.

Some of the key deliverables for the FAW through this scheme, aligned to Our Wales strategic goals include:

  • Grow, support, and develop people delivering football.
  • Grow and retain the number of people playing football through increased participation opportunities.
  • Build data on flexible football formats.
  • Support positive brand sentiment of FAW.
  • Enhance the FAWs positive influence through strong partnerships across Wales.

Transparent decision-making processes.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A national organisation delivering inclusive football opportunities across Wales (in a minimum of 3 FAW Area Associations) or have a development plan evidencing the ambition and potential for growth nationally.
  • A robust and modern governance structure in place and essential policies including:
    • Constitution
    • Rules and Regulations (including disciplinary procedures and a right to appeal process)
    • Code of Conduct/Ethics
    • Safeguarding Policy
    • Safe Recruitment Policy
    • Anti-discrimination policy
    • Equality & Equal Opportunities policy
    • Sustainability Policy
  • An up to date and relevant insurance policy, if applicable.
  • A Designated Safeguarding lead, up to date and relevant Safeguarding policies, practices and procedures and a DBS process and certificates in place.
  • Commit to the FAW data collection processes or submit data as and when requested through current organisational platforms.
  • Official rules and regulations in place that are approved by the FAW.

Applicants must agree to the FAW’s Code of Conduct for Affiliate Partners and uphold the values of, Excellence, Respect, Family.

Application Process

  • Organisations can apply for FAW Affiliate Partnership by completing an online application form. Applicants agree to the terms set out within this framework by submitting such online application form.
  • FAW will complete an internal departmental assessment of all applications with reference to the eligibility criteria and internal due diligence procedures.
  • FAW Community Game Board will assess applications and a decision will be made to approve or deny membership based on the eligibility criteria and alignment with the FAW’s ‘Our Wales’ strategy.
  • FAW Board to approve Community Game Board decisions to confirm membership.

Benefits for Affiliate Partners

  • Value and recognition as an approved partner of FAW and use of specific member logo.
  • Use of FAW Comet platform, to increase visibility through the Cymru Football app, and assist with the digital administration of the game.
  • Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance (through Comet).
  • Access to FAW policy templates.
  • Use of FAW DBS check system.
  • FAW support to develop new initiatives to grow participation opportunities.
  • Access to FAW Legends on your doorstep initiative.
  • Networking opportunities with other Affiliate Partner organisations across Wales.
  • Entry into International ticket ballots.
  • Access to support, for international representative teams via an application process.

Affiliate Partners Responsibilities

  • Uphold FAW values of, Excellence, Respect, Family and act in a manner that reflects positively on the organisation and football across Wales.
  • Mandatory use of Comet and or submission of data and insight as requested.
  • Participate actively in FAW programmes and initiatives to contribute positively to the growth of football in Wales.
  • Respect the decisions and authority of the FAW and its staff/officials.
  • Maintain good standing by adhering to the FAWs Code of Conduct and any other guidelines or regulations set by the FAW, as applicable.
  • Provide feedback and suggestions for FAW improvement in services to better serve the football community in Wales.
  • Payment of an annual fee.

Membership Duration and Renewal

  • FAW Affiliate Partnership is valid from the date of approval until 30th June.
  • Members can apply to renew their membership annually through submission of a renewal application form.
  • The FAW reserves the right to revoke or suspend Affiliate Partnership if a member organisation fails to comply with the terms and conditions outlined in this framework, breaches the Code of Conduct for Affiliate Partners, or in the sole opinion of the FAW, brings the FAW into disrepute.

Membership Fees

  • The annual fee for FAW Affiliate Partners will be:
    • Non-profit / Charity organisation = £200.00 (plus VAT)
    • For profit organisation = £400.00 (plus VAT)
  • Membership fees contribute to funding FAW grassroots initiatives, programmes and activities to support football development across Wales.

Amendments to Framework

The FAW reserves the right to amend the Affiliate Partnership Framework at any time, with changes communicated to members through appropriate channels.

Contact Information

For inquiries regarding Affiliate Partnership or assistance with the application process, please contact Rebecca Osland, National Participation and Partnerships Manager,

Enhancing lives in every community

The Football Association of Wales values the support and engagement of its Affiliate Partners in promoting and developing football in Wales.

We welcome organisations passionate about football to join us in our vision to create a leading football nation, one where the game is inclusive, accessible, and successful. From park football to the World stage, enhancing lives in every community.

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