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Our sustainability strategy underpins our vision for a global, local Cymru.

As we evolve how we work to integrate our sustainability principles in a systematic way, we will bring preventative and collaborative long-term thinking that encourages positive action for the good of all.

Our goal is to meet the needs of the present while protecting the ability to  meet the needs of future generations.

This will be central to all decisions, big or small, and we will encourage and make sure the entire football ecosystem thinks and acts accordingly.

We will do everything in our power to improve Cymru’s economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being, and contribute positively to global well-being.

With the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act as the cornerstone of our plan, we will strive to become a sustainability leader in the world of sports, both nationally and internationally. We will become an example of the role that football can play in a small nation to inspire and promote the sustainability journey of others.

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The Wellbeing of Future Generations

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Strategic Focus Areas


Cymru Wellbeing & The World

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Sustainability Strategy: Cymru, Wellbeing & the World

Developed to provide the FAW with a clear plan of action, our sustainability strategy establishes an agreed framework and prioritised set of actions. It will enable us to focus our resources and drive better performance, as well as engage internal and external stakeholders.

A clear plan makes sustainability easier, more effective and engaging. This has the potential to bring meaningful change as engagement is instrumental to influencing individual behaviour across the football ecosystem – particularly important when our football community needs to bounce back, and gain momentum and impact in a post-pandemic world.

We developed the strategy to support the delivery of Our Wales with sustainable work as well as far-reaching, deep-rooted outcomes. All while building on the recommendations in the A Sustainable Association for the Future report, which shareholders approved in November 2021.

Complementary to the FAW’s PAWB and Our Wales: For Her sub-strategies, this strategy aims to add value to them. While PAWB establishes the FAW’s vision and strategic plan for equality, diversity and inclusion, Our Wales: For Her is the strategy for women’s and girls’ football with the mission to create the best environment, support structures and opportunities to accelerate the growth of the game.

The FAW has a progressive approach to social and cultural issues, and sustainability has always been a focus and passion for us. Now, we will evolve the ways we work: from embracing traditional social responsibility to adopting a more fundamental and systematic integration of sustainability principles into everything we do. This is important from a philosophical standpoint, and it also has the potential to reduce our footprint and waste, improve efficiency, and produce savings that can be re-invested in the grassroots game.

Our sustainability strategy underpins our vision for a global, local Cymru. We will seek to address global and local needs as part of a unified approach, and bring convergence across environmental, social and governance factors to create a more sustainable game for Cymru, its people, and future generations. This is a key transversal element: a powerful catalyst that supports the six strategic pillars and five enablers.

Our vision is to become a world-leading organisation that addresses global and local needs as part of a unified approach and inspires the sustainability journey of football associations around the world.

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