Learning Cymraeg through football

It’s easier than ever for Welsh football fans to learn and enjoy the Welsh language, thanks to a new partnership between the Football Association of Wales and the National Centre for Learning Welsh.

You can learn online as either a fan, player, manager or member of staff.

Noel Mooney, FAW CEO, said: “Our commitment to Cymru and Cymraeg is a central plank to our ethos as an association. 

“We have appointed a Welsh Tutor for the FAW and many of our staff are currently learning Welsh, and as part of this initiative I’m learning Welsh as well. 

“Our relationship with ‘Dysgu Cymraeg’ is  central to our ongoing long term strategy. 

“Cymru is a bilingual country and this initiative is a binding committment for us to provide our services fully within the Welsh language and in the words of our anthem as inspiration ‘a bydded i’r heniaith barhau.’”

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