SRtRC Wales – Racism in Grassroots Football Report

The Football Association of Wales’ (FAW) anti-racism educational charity, Show Racism the Red Card (SRtRC), released a report this summer titled, “Exploring Racism in Grassroots Football” in Wales, which highlights key recommendations for change. 

Following extensive research and interviews with football community members across Wales, from various locations and backgrounds, SRtRC identified that 23% of individuals reported that they had witnessed racism in the past 36 months.

To ensure a more supportive and equitable environment within grassroots football SRtRC’s report recommendations detail two key areas, ‘Policies, Procedures, and Governance’ and ‘Education and Training’. 

The report can be viewed at: Racism in Grassroots Football Report – Wales – Show Racism the Red Card

Show Racism the Red Card Campaign Manager, Dean Pymble said: “It’s important we listen to the lived experiences of people from the global majority and use this insight to change policy and procedures to ensure equitable outcomes are achieved for all. Football should bring people together and celebrate Wales as a multicultural nation where there is no place for racism in any of its forms. 

“We want to thank everyone who were part of this research, sharing lived experiences within the game isn’t easy and we thank you for your valuable contributions that are fundamental in moving the game forward in Wales. We’ll continue to work in partnership with the FAW to provide insight, guidance and support where required to achieve the recommendations we’ve highlighted.”

FAW Senior Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Integrity Manager, Jason Webber said: “Football should be a place for everyone, with an environment that is fun, safe and free from discrimination. The Racism in Grassroots Football Report has shed light on the persisting challenge we face in addressing racism and racist attitudes within our sport.

“At the FAW we will draw upon the invaluable insights and recommendations presented in this report to inform our decision-making and will leverage this knowledge to shape forthcoming initiatives to propel us forward in our ongoing battle against racism. To achieve this, we will continue to work closely with SRtRC and members of the Welsh football family.”

Throughout the Show Racism the Red Card Month of Action and beyond, the FAW will continue to work with SRtRC and Black and ethnically diverse communities across Wales to work toward a more inclusive and welcoming environment in Football, where everyone, everywhere across Wales can feel they belong and are given equal and equitable opportunity to participate in the sport they love.

The FAW recognises that it has a long way to go to become truly reflective of all communities across Wales, both within the organisation and across the game. Whilst the FAW has made significant strides in implementing new measures and educational programmes, there is still much ground to cover before racism is fully eradicated from Welsh football. Learn more at

Challenging racism in football and society is a collective responsibility and there is a need for support across the whole football family in Wales. If you, a teammate, colleague or opponent are subject to racism, please don’t ignore it, report it at:

If you see or hear racism at any level of football, please report it to the nearest steward or Club Official. You can also report an incident at or by emailing 

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