Member Club list confirmed for North Wales Coast Area by-election

The Member Clubs list for the North Wales Coast Area by-election is confirmed, detailing the clubs who can nominate candidates and vote in the election.

The full list of clubs can viewed by clicking here.

The election of the new representative will take place according to the following timetable and in accordance with the relevant Rules of the Association:

• Nomination Forms to be issued on: 17 November 2023

• Nomination Forms to be returned by: 1 December 2023

• Candidates’ letters of intent to stand in the election to be received by the FAW on or before: 1 December 2023

• Candidates to return signed and completed documents to the FAW on or before: 4 December 2023

• Voting Papers to be issued to clubs on: 8 December 2023

• Completed Voting Papers to be returned to the FAW by: 2 January 2024

• Counting of Voting Papers to take place on: 3 January 2024

Failure by a club or candidate to adhere to the above deadlines will render the nomination form or ballot paper invalid.

For the purpose of this by-election, the successful candidate shall take up office on 3 January 2024, or earlier on 4 December 2023, should only one candidate be nominated. 

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