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FAW Council confirmed

The outcome of the recent re-election for a representative of the Cymru Premier to the FAW Council for the quadrennial period ending 31 July 2027 has now been confirmed. 

Ian Williams was the sole nomination and has therefore been automatically appointed to Council as the representative of the Cymru Premier without the need for an election. 

This now concludes the process for the FAW Council quadrennial elections. 

The complete list of elected FAW Council Members is as follows: 

National Leagues

  • Ian Williams (Cymru Premier) 
  • Gail Powell (Adran Premier)
  • Stuart Lawrence (Cymru North) 
  • Lucie Gwilt (Adran North)
  • Huw Jones (Cymru South)
  • Annaliese Lewis (Adran South) 
  • Simon Newport (Ardal Northern Leagues – NWC) 
  • Chas Rowland (Ardal Northern Leagues – NEW) 
  • Graham Evans (Ardal Northern Leagues – CW) 
  • Lee James (Ardal Southern Leagues – WW) 
  • Neil Dymock (Ardal Southern Leagues- SW) 
  • Martin Price (Ardal Southern Leagues – GC)

Area Associations

  • Bob Paton (North Wales Coast FA)
  • Dave Fawkes (North East Wales FA)
  • David H Jones (Central Wales FA)
  • Ceri Richards (West Wales FA)
  • Geoff Buckingham (South Wales FA)
  • Alan Watkins (Gwent County FA)

Area Association Clubs 

  • Stephen Jones (North Wales Coast FA)
  • Debi Ross (North East Wales FA)
  • Wyn Lewis (Central Wales FA)
  • Thomas Walters (West Wales FA)
  • Philip Sweet (South Wales FA)
  • Kevin Jones (Gwent County FA)

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