My Cymru Stori – Ryan & Gwen

Everyone has their Cymru Stori. Meet Ryan and Gwen, a father and daughter duo, sharing their Cymru Stori.

Everybody has a story of where it all started. A story that makes you smile. A story from a time when new friendships were made. A story about watching or playing football for the first time. A story about watching your first Cymru match.

Ryan and Gwen travel the world watching Cymru together. Talking about their experience Gwen said: “Watching the games with my dad is really funny and I just love doing it because he loves football as much as I do, maybe even more, as he’s been supporting since he was really young.”

When talking about her Cymru Stori Gwen said: “Watching the women’s team feels really special, as I’m a girl knowing that they’ve gone through what I’m going through now means that I can do it. Sometimes you will fail in life but if you just keep on going and never give up on yourself then I know I can achieve what I’ve been wanting to do since I was little. You never know one day you might be out there yourself.

“When you keep on watching the Wales team you can just tell the passion and the support that the FAW, Welsh people and the fans have given them. A lot of people just love their country really.”

Looking back on her favourite Cymru memory Gwen said: “My favourite memory must have been when I was a mascot, England versus Wales in Newport. I was with my friends, and I also got to experience a lot of good things there. To meet the players, they were also young as I was, so when I was meeting them, I knew that I could grow up one day and be like them. So obviously they’ve inspired me to be the person I am today.”

Throughout the video Ryan and Gwen share fond memories that they’ve shared together following Cymru. Ryan said: “It’s an amazing experience to share with both of my daughters, my love for football. The passion came from my grandfather, her great grandfather, my father and myself. Just to go and watch Wales, at the moment we’re on the crest of a wave and I know there’s something big going on and it’s just amazing to experience it and hopefully it will get better and better.

“It’s a game for everyone. It’s a beautiful game, it’s a game for anyone whatever their abilities or genders and it’s amazing that I can share it because I never thought in a million years, that fifteen years later she’s playing and we’re still enjoying the game.”

Encouraging others to start their Cymru Stori Gwen said: “You never know until you try. I’ve been travelling around the world with my dad watching football. When I watch Wales, I see daughters with their dads as the love for women’s football has just grown over the years, their dads have been supporting them throughout and they get to go. It’s a game for everyone.”

Why not start your Cymru Stori by joining us at Parc Y Scarlets on Friday 31st of May. Secure your tickets here.

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